About me

Manny Llanos


I have always enjoyed cleaning and taking care of vehicles.  It has always been a passion.  Treating each car as if it were my own. This, is passion in its purest state.  


At Personal Touch Mobile Detailing we are professionally trained. From wetsanding to paint correction, we do it all.  We are constantly evolving and changing with the industry to bring you, the client, amazing results.  We take pride in the art of auto detailing.  We are not your basic car wash, we come to you. Each car is different.  Whether you are looking for a maintenance wash or paint correction services, we, are the premier detailing company in the area.  The process and techniques never stay the same because each vehicle has its own specific needs, and the procedure gets adjusted accordingly.  Safety is our biggest concern.  We make sure that we are not only enhancing the appearance of your vehicle but that we are taking the necessary time to do so safely.  Paint is very delicate and can get ruined by many different events or actions.  Protect and preserve your vehicle.  Paint preservation is better than paint restoration!