Wilmington Rolls Royce 1997 Paint Correction

Final result

A client that has been with me from day one called me a few weeks back saying he was getting ready to make another purchase. Like any other car enthusiast, I was thrilled. Not only for him but for the fact that I knew I would be the only one getting my hands on whatever beauty he was bringing back. A trip to Napa to see it in person solidified the deal and the vehicle was on its way. When the vehicle finally arrived I couldn't believe it. My first Rolls Royce. It was like I was getting a new car too. We discussed many different options as to what could be done but in the end a two step paint correction and coating using Sapphire V1 was in order. The vehicle could have been wet sanded but that requires many hours to be done safely and properly. He was not looking for perfection but we definitely achieved 90% with only a two step. Incredible results. After removing all the wax, now we can see how bad the paint really was. REMEMBER wax gives shine but it also fills in swirls to a degree.

​As you can see the trunk was in really bad shape. The bottom left is the corrected portion. I only use the best products on the market. Thank you Jeremy Stevens from Shine Supply. The most integrity filled individual I have ever met. Amazing detailer of course.